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Lots of content variety!
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Coach Gino's Current Classes
These are videos starting in 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic began.  All use commercial music

from the 40s to todays hits.  Initially classes were broadcast from Gino's bedroom at home on Facebook Live and then at LA Fitness in Pittsburgh.  Some of the classes Gino has a mask on but instructions are still easily heard.  There are more than 75 classes of 60 minutes or more and 30 or so classes around 45 minutes in length.  This category also grows by 1 or 2 each week!  Here is a sample class.
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Virtual Cycling Rides
These are complete rides filmed with multiple cameras in Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Italy, Spain & France.  Most are 1 full hour but a few special rides will go longer.  The views range from being behind the riders to being in front of them to side views of vistas, oceans and other scenic material.  There are 77 of these tours around the world.
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Indoor Cycling Classes 2010-2019
These are videos starting in 2010 that include Coach Gino, Tom Scotto, Jennifer Sage and many other master level indoor cycling instructors.  These classes run from 30 minutes to 2+ hours.   There are 47 of these rides, with 17 of them being considered "beginner" rides of 43 minutes or less.

Coach Gino Classes - Cycling Fusion Days
These are videos starting in 2010 where Coach Gino was teaching in one of the early Cycling Fusion studios or at the central YMCA in downtown Pittsburgh.  There are 64 of these classic rides in this library.

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Cross Training Classes 2010-2019
These are videos starting in 2010 that are geared towards cyclists but any person will benefit from them.  There are yoga, pilates, strength training and a few other cross training activities in this group.

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